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Leo and Leandra & Lou

Leo & Leandra are our relationship gurus headlining on NJ-Singles. This pair will answer your questions on dating and relationships.

Lou & Lucia are the newest members to join this team.

Leo is a strong, honest and righteous man. He has an innate talent for leadership and he tends to rise against injustice. When asking for Leo's opinion, he will give you take charge answers, with an honest and witty style. Where is Leo?

Leandra is the sexy, silent type. Her personality is her strongest trait. She has the utmost respect for authority and will never lose her self-respect. When asking for Leandra's opinion, she will give a straight-forward, respectful approach to helping you with your problems.

Lou is interesting, friendly and original. His childlike charm and idealistic approach to love leaves him a top-flight romantic. When asking for Lou's opinion, he will give you up front larger than life answers.

Lucia is down to earth, clever and sophisticated. Her life experiences with love have led her to where she is today, in a happy marriage. When asking Lucia's advice she'll give you, practical answers with a dash of TLC.

This team will give you witty streetwise advice on dating issues, online relationships, cohabitation, breakups and divorce.

Contact Leo and Leandra when you see them on line.


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DISCLAIMER: No one involved in the writing, distribution, or Internet services provided for Leo and Leandra is in any way liable for the consequences of following said advice. Leo and Leandra is provided for entertainment purposes only.

This service is not intended for minors and some of the material herein may prove offensive to those with tender constitutions.


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